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he pushed her少妇人妻精品一区二区三区

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he pushed her少妇人妻精品一区二区三区

I can keep this story going as long as you guys want. After 100 positive votes, I'll take that as a sign to write the next part. I'm hoping to add a little of everything into the overall story, so comment suggestions will be considered for future parts as I care about my reader's thoughts. Please read part one first, as it will help paint the story. Thank you and enjoy part two.Tyler couldn't help but grin as his eyes took in the sight of the downstairs living room.There was Allison, bent over the coffee table, her exposing shirt had long been removed, Tyler saw it lying on the other side of the couch. There were two guys having their way with her. A stranger that Tyler didn't recognize was facefucking her, slapping her face and calling her a whore for breaking Jeremy's heart. Jeremy was behind her, fucking the poor girl with force, calling out "Come on slut, I thought you liked a lot of dick!" Allison looked just... defeated. Like she didn't care anymore. Her body just lied there, bent over the table, taking any punishment they issued.Tyler continued downstairs to find that Allison's group was not the only one who had been getting wild while he was away.Tim and Randy had their shared girl on the couch, her skirt well above her waste, getting groped and fingered by the both of them as their hands searched for any free skin to grab. She had her eyes closed and was moaning rather loudly to the attention her body was receiving. The boys took turns kissing the girl and didn't seem to mind at all that they would both surely have her tonight. Hannah, the innocent looking girl, sat only feet away from them, trying her best to shun what was going on around her, focusing on the movie, obviously uncomfortable. Tyler figured he should talk to her.Just then, he heard more screams from outside. Tyler turned around, finding there were a good dozen or so girls now frolicking nude in and around the pool (some left their pants on, others elected to be completely bare.) He smiled and decided that THAT was were he needed to visit, followed by Lacey who started screaming "WOOOOOH!" as she ran outside to join her slutty sisters. All the girls echoed her as a new naked girl joined their ranks.When their eyes found Tyler, they all huddled around him, repeating their trademark "WOOOOOOOOH!" as they felt themselves up for his benefit, groping their own breasts in show for their beloved party host. Some felt up Tyler as well, grasping his dick through his jeans, running their hands across his back, and rubbing their boobs against him seductively. They all beckoned for Tyler to strip down and join them in their naked merriment, but Tyler refused, replying "Not yet girls, I have to keep patrolling my party and visit everyone."The girls all voiced their disappointment, but quickly forgot about it as they all disbursed and either jumped back into the pool or returned to their drinks. Tyler decided to have a few himself as Lacey brought him a few shots, laying down on the table, ready to pour them into her belly button. Tyler smiled, and placed a lime into her mouth, now ready for the shot of tequila. As she poured it onto her body, he quickly slurped it up, followed by taking the lime from her mouth, kissing her shortly before he sucked on the lime, spitting out the peel. Everyone cheered and Tyler liked the public attention. "Who's next?" he shouted, his friend David stepped up eagerly. Tyler laughed "I don't mean who's next to drink off of her, I meant who's next to let me drink off of them!! And I think I'll pass on your offer!" Everyone laughed and David slinked back into the crowd, only to be replaced by three girls jumping up and down. The twins, Amber and Ashley took the cake easily. Sure, they were still dressed, unlike the other eager participant, but what honest guy didn't love the idea of twins? The two girls lifted up their shirts exposing their bellies, but Tyler "helped" them, lifting the shirts up to their necks exposing their matching black lacy bras. Every guy in the room smirked, loving the show, living vicariously through Tyler. The tequila was brought, limes placed in each of their mouths. Tyler licked up the alcohol almost as quickly as it was poured onto Ashley, rising up to steal the lime from her mouth. Pushing the slice into his cheek, he pressed his tongue into her mouth. She smiled as she kissed him back, and everyone again cheered. He spit out the peel and looked to Amber. As to not favor one girl over the other, he repeated his performance, sliding his tongue up her belly, running it just shy of her breasts, a smirk painted on his face, before rising to her and kissing her deeply for his lime. Both girls sat up, smiling from ear to ear, pulling their shirts back down and hugging Tyler. He whispered into Amber's ear "I want you two upstairs in my room in exactly one hour." She pulled her head back giggling, but nodded, then turning to her sister to repeat the message. He looked at his phone, which told him it was 10:20.The group disbursed around the bar, returning to their own groups. The doorbell rang, and Tyler headed to the door. Opening it, he saw three girls he actually hadn't expected to come. Whitney, Kristy, and Makayla were standing in the cold, clearly already buzzed. "We heard you were having a party?" Whitney broke the silence.Tyler imagined the most likely scenario was that the girls were coming from another party. More than likely, that party had already ran out of booze, so they drove here stupidly to get some more. His theory was, in fact, correct, as the girls usually thought themselves "too good" to show around Tyler and his friends; but he figured that sending them back on the road would be dangerous. "Sure, come on in" Tyler faked a welcoming smile. Sure enough, the three girls went straight to the kitchen, grabbing two bottles a piece, before heading outside to sit on a few open lawn chairs.Shaking off his annoyance, Tyler decided he shouldn't let them ruin his good time. He was unsure where Kayla ran off to, so he decided to try downstairs where he had first ran into the girl. Sure enough, he found her among 20 other people, dancing to "Sexy Bitch". He saw Kayla dancing with Michael, her ass facing him as he was grinding up on her. He looked at his phone, which said it was 10:40. Tayler came up to him, complimenting him on the party's success. He thanked her, as he looked at his friend of more than five years. His mind told him 'what the hell' as he leaned in and kissed her. The girl was shocked, taken aback by the brashness of her friend, but she quickly complied, jumping on him, wrapping her legs around him as she kissed him back. They continued to make out for a while when Tayler broke off their lips. "Maybe we can go back up to your room?""Too far," Tyler cut in between kisses, his real reason being he knew the twins would be up there in about 30 minutes. Instead, he pushed her, still making out, onto the staircase, where he laid her down on her back. She fought his strength, determined NOT to have anything happen here in front of everybody, but his smile was just too irresistible and the alcohol was clouding her inhibitions. She gave into him as he gently lifted off her shirt, exposing her smaller B-cup bra, which was quickly removed as well. Tyler had never seen his friend's breasts, but he was shocked at how sexy they were. Sure they were smaller than what he was used to, but the perkiness and larger nipples were just so hot! He grabbed onto the right one and massaged it as he continued to kiss her seductively. Grinding against her pussy through her pants, Tyler figured she was all his now. Groups of teens passed them going up and down from the basement, but that just added to the sexiness of it to him. He unbuttoned her jeans, yanking them down and tossing them into the dancing hall. Her panties were a black lacy thong, and Tyler wondered if she had planned on fucking him tonight. He grinned as he took it off with his teeth before throwing it into the middle of the dancing crowd. They all cheered, making Tayler's face redder than Christmas.Tyler wasted no time in placing his dick at the entrance of her snatch, already feeling how drenched she was. She whispered how much she wanted him, to which he grinned and again kissed her before sliding his dick deep inside her.She was tight, tighter than any of the three girls he had been with earlier that night. He pumped into her slowly, stretching her out every time, forcing her to breath heavily and scream as he banged against her cervix. Quite a few people had gathered around, cheering the couple on, making Tayler more embarrassed than she had been in her entire life. She told herself she was continuing because of her love for Tyler, but in all honesty, she loved the feeling of being watched. She screamed, she wasn't sure if it was for her benefit, Tyler's, or the crowd's, but she screamed loud as he quickened his pace. Wrapping her legs around him, she bucked her hips in rhythm with him. It wasn't long before the huge dick combined with her arousal of the voyeurism caused her to cum early. Her body shook, tensing up, her eyes rolling back as her body pulsated. She then went limp as Tyler smiled at her satisfaction. She begged that he keep going, wanting to make sure he was fully pleasured as well. Tyler happily obliged as he continued pumping forcefully into her. The truth was he was already close as well. The tight pussy gripping him so well during her orgasm had made him go crazy. He also enjoyed the crowd, and was encouraged by their cheers. He decided to pull out, placing his dick to her face, to which she happily took into her lips. She bobbed her head, giving him even more pleasure. He humped at her face, getting even more cheers as the crowd figured he was close as well. Soon he felt his balls tense up as he blasted his load into her throat. Her eyes bulged as she was startled by the warm cum, but quickly recovered as she started swallowing his load fast enough to keep up with his next spurt.He pulled out of her mouth allowing her to swallow easier, as she opened her mouth showing off to her lover that she had swallowed it all. He grinned and hugged her as he thanked her for the great time and exited the circle to find his clothes. As he left, the circle of watchers tightened up around her, as another guy quickly climbed on top of her, releasing his dick to fuck her, and pinned her wrists down. Tyler heard Tayler scream her refusal, only to be pierced seconds later.Tyler quickly got dressed downstairs while "Give Me Everything" by Pitbullblared through the speakers. Now his pants were on, and he pulled his shirt over his shoulders and headed up stairs. Passing Tayler, he noticed she had one guy fucking her while another was sliding his dick into her mouth. He couldn't tell if her muffled moans were happy moans or if she hated it, but he had a pair of twins that would be in his room in ten minutes, and he was going to be there on time.He emerged from the basement to find a fun new scene. Jake had started a poker game, where he and his friend Eric were joined with four girls, two of them already had lost their shirts. Tyler was handed a XX beer by one of them, Sierra, as he spectated momentarily. He downed it and thanked her with a pat on the ass. He wasn't sure what gave him the confidence of a "player", as he was always such a nice timid boy in school. Maybe the constant sex of the night combined with the alcohol had perverted his mind, knowing that all of these girls were more or less here for fun and he was going to give it to them. His eyes found Hannah again, still sitting in the chair, no alcohol had touched her lips all night, nor had any guy for that matter. He walked up to her, asking if anything was wrong."No no. I'm just....... um.. watching the movie," she replied, a clearly fake smile invading her face."Well you look beautiful tonight. I hope you enjoy yourself, alright? Here," he said as he handed her the half of a beer he hadn't finished yet."Oh, thank you! But no thank you. I don't drink," Hannah countered with a smile, this time sincere. "I have my sprite, so I think I am set for a while.""Are you uncomfortable here?" Tyler asked, feeling a little sorry for the innocent girl."Oh... well... now that you mention it, it is a little rowdy for my taste. But no, it's fine. I'm two movies deep into the 'Pirates of the Caribbean" series, that is enough for me." She smiled so sweetly that his heart melted for her. "Alright, well this is my number. I have my phone on me all night. If you need me, text me, and I'll be here immediately, alright? Just let me know if you need anything!" She again flashed him a beautiful smile, and with that, he signed off and went upstairs claim his prize.He opened the door to his room to find Ashley and Amber already there. They were sitting on his bed, playing on their phones, but as soon as he entered, they jumped up and greeted him.They were both so sexy, Tyler thought to himself. He was one of the few in his school who could tell them apart easily, as Ashley's face was ever-so-slightly more rounded than Amber's. Tonight they had worn their hair different, which was a clearer indication to those who were less observant.Amber had on a tight black skirt with a matching dark, loose-fitting shirt that ruffled around her shoulders. It was more business looking attire, but it definitely looked good at the party. She had her dark blond hair down tonight, as it stretched past her shoulders. Her boobs were a nice large C cup, which sat on top of a tiny waist, complimented by an amazing ass with not an ounce of fat on it, yet somehow it managed to stick itself out a seductive amount. Her green eyes flashed in the light as Tyler turned to take in her sister.Ashley was equally gorgeous, (twins, duh). Her hair was up in a pony tail, with her bangs hanging over her forehead to about eyebrow level. She had on a light colored off-white T-shirt with some band's logo on it, Tyler couldn't make it out as it was turned away from him. She had on very short jean-shorts that hugged her identical ass perfectly. Her matching tits were hidden well by her baggier shirt, and Tyler knew that it would have to go VERY soon. Her green eyes looked hungrily at Tyler as he knew how badly all three of them wanted this."YAY! We were wondering if you would make it up here!" Ashley cheered."I'm five minutes early thank you very much. Besides, what guy in their right mind would miss this?!" Tyler countered."Apparently you're right! We had to fight off two guys who saw us come in here!" Giggled Amber as she decided to pull Tyler onto the bed. "So here is the deal," Ashley recited off. "We are completely yours tonight. I LOVE to be controlled. Safe word is going to be "Mommy". You may do anything to us that you want until we say that word. Amber is more of a dominating kind of girl, but I'm sure you'll enjoy her to!" She finished with a wink."Damn! Have you guys done the twin threesome thing before?! That's hot, I just thought twins weren't usually into it. Wanting their independence and all that shit.""Well..." Amber defended, "It wasn't exactly a THREEsome........ Meaning there was no one else there...""Lesbian twin incest?? This is too good to be true! I can dig it!" Shouted Tyler excitedly. "Most guys I tell do," Said Amber with a wink. "Now get your ass over here and strip my sister!"As if Tyler needed to be told. He rushed over to Ashley and pinned her onto the bed, which already made her exhale in anticipation. He lifted up her shirt, which was hard to do while she fought him to try to keep it on."Damn, you ARE going to make this difficult aren't you?" Tyler playfully scolded her, to which her response was nothing but a devilish grin. Tyler decided to play along, gently slapping her across her tits, scolding her for fighting him. Ashley whimpered loudly, but couldn't help to show a smile."Wipe that smile off slut, or he's going to enjoy wiping it off for you!" Amber chimed in in an evil voice. She jumped up onto the bed, stripping off her own shirt and bra, before throwing them across the room.Tyler turned his focus back to the girl pinned underneath him. "Are you going to be a good girl now?" He toyed as he reached behind her to unfasten her bra. She squirmed, and ended up smacking him as she shouted "No, you aren't getting my bra!" In the struggle, Tyler managed to flip her over,体验区试看120秒啪啪免费 and while trying to hold her still with one hand, attempted to unhook her bra with the other. Amber just tisked above them as she leaned down. "I'll show you how to control this one..." She said as she raised her hand high, bringing it down forcefully onto Ashley's ass cheek. Ashley screamed in pain, the denim shorts only amplifying the blast. One wasn't enough for Amber though, as she continued to spank her sister nine more times, without halting.Ashley laid there, giving up as Tyler now easily unhooked her bra, throwing it in the forming pile across the room. Gripping her ass in his hands, he soothed the tender skin, making Ashley coo underneath him, solidifying the "good cop, bad cop" roll."Does that feel good sweety? Why don't you turn back over for me" Tyler persuaded, to which Ashley complied warily. "There ya go!" Tyler mockingly praised. "Now how about you unzip my pants and see what you're working with," he winked. Ashley only shook her head, attempting to cover up her breasts from view. Amber, who had been undressing herself the entire time, was now nude above them. She stared down at her sister, slapping her face for her defiance. Tyler was shocked, as it was a strong slap, and wondered if Ashley was okay, but failing to here the safe word, not to mention she was reaching for his pants, he assumed that she was okay with it.The dominated girl slowly unzipped Tyler's jeans and gasped. Through the boy's loose boxers, she could make out the outline of a huge cock, and she was now ever more excited."Oh SHIT!" she exclaimed as she tugged on his boxers, bringing them to Tyler's knee level. His dick sprang out, easily 10 inches long, and Ashley was longing for it. "That's bigger than the one we use Amber!" She said with a wink in Tyler's direction. Amber grabbed her sister by the ponytail and shoved her face into Tyler's pelvis. "Don't gawk over it, suck it bitch!"Ashley's cheek was pressed against Tyler's dick, but Amber loosened her grip allowing enough leeway for Tyler to maneuver his cock into the girl's mouth. In one motion, not even sizing him up, Ashley's mouth took inch after inch of the dick, until the entire thing had disappeared behind her lips. Tyler could hear her gagging, her throat trying to push the invading object out, but Ashley's determination, matched with her sister's grip on the back of her head, made her hold the dick there for quite a while. Tyler could feel her throat push against his dick. It felt so amazing that he closed his eyes and allowed the girl to do her work. Seconds later, Ashley's mouth was removed, as she coughed and spat up over his dick. Her mouth was now decorated with tons of spittle hanging down off of her as she caught her breath. Moments later however, she was forced back onto the dick, repeating the process all over again.Tyler was in heaven, but Amber was just getting bored. She pulled Ashley back, quickly bending down to engulf the large prick into her own mouth. She bobbed her head, using her tongue to flick at the underskin, then spat the dick back out, inviting her sister to take her turn. Tyler loved this sight more than anything he had ever seen before. He quickly got out his phone and snapped pictures."WOH! 'MOMMY!!'" Ashley screamed "No pictures! I don't want this to be all around school Monday morning!"Amber quickly slapped her across the face. "No, let him take them. As long as the three of us our the only ones that see them. Promise, Tyler?""I swear, it's just for us!" Tyler assured, smiling at Amber's initiative."Well..." Ashley contemplated as she stepped out of her shorts and thong,"alright. But if they end up anywhere, we WILL kill you Tyler!" she threatened, which was met by another slap from her sister."Don't ruin the mood cunt. He said he wouldn't share them, now ease up and suck that dick bitch!"With a final slap for encouragement, Ashley continued her work. Tyler snapped dozens of pictures of the girls combined effort before he decided to switch to the video setting.Through the phone's camera lens, the screen projected Tyler's dream come true. Ashley stopped sucking his dick, and instead lowered her head onto his ball sack. Amber was now bobbing her head on the tip of his dick, her cheeks indented from the sucking action of her mouth. Tyler moaned, which caused both girls to giggle, making the POV video seem even more realistic. Tyler loved this, but his real prize was something much better than the girl's mouths. "Amber, hop up on here baby," Tyler asked with a wink.Amber, more aroused than she had ever been in her life, was quick to comply, splitting her legs and taking the dick's tip into her drenched pussy. She slowly lowered herself, her eye's squinting shut with the pain of the large dick, but she loved the way it made her pussy stretch. The largest dick she had ever been with had only been six inches, aside from the larger dildos her and her sister practiced with,so this was a major change. But before she knew it, she had bottomed out, her hips now pressed tightly against Tyler's. She just sat there, enjoying the moment, recovering from the pain for a minute. Then, she took a deep breath, and quickly raised herself up to where only the very tip of the dick was remaining in her. Without pause, she slammed herself down onto him, crying out. Tyler was in awe as Amber fucked herself on his dick. The video was taking nicely, capturing all of her facial expressions, while still snatching shots of the penetration. Amber continued to slam into his cock. As she braced herself against his shoulders, he happily played with her tits with his free hand, loving her moaning. "Ooooooh shit baby. That feels SO good inside of me!" Amber screamed, looking straight at the camera with a smirk. "Ashley, sweety, make yourself useful and lick my ass.""WHAT?! Um.. that is definitely a 'Mommy' moment..." Ashley said, disgusted."Oh come on sweety... Just ONE lick. If you do it, I'll eat your pussy for you!" Amber promised with a wink. "We both know how much you love it when I do that!"Ashley contemplated for a minute. "Just... one lick? Well..." She trailed off, looking at her sister's ass. She leaned in and, with her eyes closed, stuck her tongue out. Her tongue found her sisters asshole, and she quickly flicked her tongue onto it, causing her sister to scream "Fuck yes! Ooooh shit!" Ashley quickly shot up, and moved around to where Tyler was standing. "Okay, I did it. Now it's you're turn!"Amber turned around, so her back was now facing Tyler, her sister following suit, positioning her pussy against Amber's face. Amber quickly blew cold air against the bald pussy, causing Ashley to shudder. Without warning, Amber's open hand came down on her sister's cunt, slapping her outer lips hard. "Oww! Fuck Amber! Come on!" Ashley winced in pain. Amber just smiled, still bouncing on Tyler's dick, and commanded her sister, "You haven't begged for it yet!"Ashley blushed, and in a hushed tone, said "Will you please lick my pussy Sister?"Another slap hit against her pussy and she screamed, before she corrected herself. "PLEASE, WILL YOU LICK MY PUSSY SISTER?!" She shouted at the top of her lungs, wondering who all downstairs had heard her."That's better, you fucking slut," Amber smiled, as her tongue made contact with her sister's labia. She inserted three fingers into the bottom of the soaked snatch as she flicked against Ashley's clit. Ashley just stood there, shuddering, her legs shifting constantly as she was eaten out. Tyler loved the sight he was capturing on camera, and playfully smacked at Amber's ass, spurring her on.Suddenly, Amber stopped her oral assault on her sister. She clenched her body up, leaning back into Tyler for support as she screamed her profanities, a major orgasm sweeping across her entire body.She panted, recovering her breath, before climbing off of Tyler, thanking him for the wonderful ride, before telling her sister to get on all fours. "But I thought you were going to ea-" SMACK!!! She slapped her hand against her sister's bare titty hard, causing her sister to yelp, then quickly comply, climbing onto her hands and knees on the bed. "That's better skank!" Amber scolded. "You're lucky I'm even considering finishing your pussy now!" She stated as she climbed underneath her sister, resuming her pussy playing.Tyler now saw the girls 69 each other, playfully licking at each other's cunts in sisterly love. He climbed behind Ashley, plunging his dick into her pussy while her sister licked away.Ashley screamed out in pain, as Amber laughed from underneath them all. "What's so funny?" Tyler asked, knowing this for sure wasn't the first time Amber had heard her sister scream, and wouldn't find it that funny.Amber just laughed, then called up to him "Nothing, just curious how that virgin pussy is treating you?""Wait, you're a virgin?!" Tyler said, shocked at the news."Well... I've had a bunch of plastic dicks in me, thanks to Amber there. But I've never been with a REAL guy before..." Ashley explained."Well hot damn, I guess that counts," Tyler joked, causing Amber to laugh again before replying, "She hasn't had any plastic dicks in her ass before. That's COMPLETELY virgin territory!""For a reason!!" Ashley countered. "I am NOT having anal sex with you OR him!""Oh come on, you're not going to let him have all of you? I thought you said when you found a guy worth giving your virginity to, you would consider anal!" Amber quoted"Well... he's not exactly who I had in mind to lose my virginity to!" Ashley shouted back, before realizing how mean it sounded. She turned to Tyler and soothingly said, "I'm not saying you're a bad guy! It's just... we aren't even dating. I don't LOVE you or anything...""No, I get it," Tyler assured, "But you DO think I'm a good guy. And you know you want to try it..." He coaxed with a wink."Well......" Ashley debated in her head.That was all Tyler needed as he lined his dick up, pressing the bulging head into her rectum. "WOH! HEY! I DIDN'T SAY YES!!!" Ashley shouted as she screamed in pain."Well... no, not yet you didn't. But I didn't hear the safe word either," Tyler justified with a smirk. Amber was cracking up laughing from underneath them, telling her sister that he was right.Ashley giggled a little bit through the pain, before giving him the okay. "Alright... just... go slow. PLEASE!"Tyler responded with his agreement, slowly pushing his member deep inside of her asshole. Stretching her bowels, he found he was already half way in. Ashley was giving off a constant scream through the pain, grimacing as her sister coached her lovingly. Tyler continued to force his way in, and now bucked his hips, quickly finishing the last couple of inches. Now his full length inside of her, he announced his territorial victory. Ashley was still grimacing as she grunted through the pain. She acknowledged that he was completely inside her, then, without warning, she felt the dick slide out of her, as fast as Tyler could pull, it felt like her insides were being scooped up with it. She screamed again, Tyler smiling as her body rocked, her mind shutting off as she entered a mind-blowing orgasm. She shuddered as her pussy and anus convulsed, forcing her to collapse on her sister. Several moments later, her mind was coming-to again from her comatose state orgasm, as she noticed Tyler was furiously pumping into her ass. The pain sensors in her brain kicked back on, sending electric waves of pleasurable pain throughout her entire body. She continued to moan as she noticed her sister was no longer underneath her, but rather right in front of her. "How is that sweety? Starting to feel good? Well it must have for you to cum that hard!" Amber coached as Ashley smiled. She loved her sister, and loved all the sexual things Amber had forced her to do. The two kissed romantically, while Tyler continued to fuck her ass tirelessly. It was a miracle thathe had lasted this long, Tyler thought, blaming it on the other 4 girls he had fucked earlier that day. Or maybe it was the booze... Either way, he was finally ready to blow his load. Grabbing his phone again for the finale, he pulled out of Ashley's ass, pointing his member at both of the girls. Amber took the initiative to place her lips around the dick to aid in the final cumming stages. "Eww! That's nasty!" Ashley scowled"It's worth it, trust me. The guys love it!" Amber said with a wink. She felt the tip of his dick expand, so she stepped back, awaiting the payload.Tyler groaned as his dick released his juice. He had lost count on what orgasm this was for him, but he knew he was happy. Rope after rope of jizz covered the twins as they placed their cheeks together for an easier target. His dick spurt a few more rounds into their hair before finally dying down, tired from the amazing sex session. The girls, now covered from hair to chin in jizz, made nice targets for the many pictures that Tyler took, knowing he would never forgive himself if he missed this sight on digital recording.Now exhausted, he sat down on the bed, continuing to take pictures of the girls as they giggled, turned to each other, and starting kissing, licking the spunk off of each other's faces.Tyler figured he had died and gone to heaven.The girls were now playing with each other, just for his benefit, as he laid back, completely spent. Looking at his phone, it showed that the time was only 12:00. Sure, it was technically the next day, but he figured he had quite a few hours left to make this night even better!



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